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   تاثیر طبیعت درمانی بر شاخص‌های بهزیستی، شادکامی و ساعات غیبت از محیط کار زنان شاغل در بیمارستان شهر تهران  
نویسنده توکلی سوده ,علی‌پور وحیده
منبع مطالعات اجتماعي روانشناختي زنان - 1391 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:33 -50
چکیده    Therapeutic Landscapes as Indicators of Well-Being, Happiness and absence hours ReductionCase of Female Employees of hospital in TehranSoodeh TavakoliM.A. PsychologyVahideh AlipourAssistant Professor Payame Noor UniversityAbstract the aim of this study was to compare the effect of environments designed with natural components on well-being, happiness, and absence hours in female employees. According to health psychology, occupational environments specially those as hospitals and clinics are stiff and anxiety generating for the personnel who work there, for women in particular. To change anxiety conditions, environmental psychology (therapeutic landscapes) can be used. Environmental psychology considers these specific views as the alternative way that can have an influence on the individual behavior. It is important to note that Erich Fromm as a psychologist in the last century believed that returning to the nature causes the sense of freedom from the work stressors. Being in the natural environments or those environments designed with natural components have positive effect on well-being and happiness. It also reduces absence hours. In order to examine the hypotheses of this study, a sample of 200 employees in hospitals were selected and compared. )75 of women worked in designed pseudo-garden, 74 men worked in designed pseudo-garden and 51 who worked in a stiff and ordinary environment(. The instruments of this study are the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, Personal wellbeing, the adult form, and the degree of absence hours. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and ANOVA. The difference between these two groups was found to be significant indicators of wellbeing, happiness and absence hours. Natural environment can affect physical, mental, and social health, particularly among women employees. It can also be contribute to the health of the family and the general society. KeywordsTherapeutic Landscapes, Women, Well-Being, Happiness, Absence Hours from Work
کلیدواژه طبیعت‌درمانی ,زنان ,بهزیستی ,شادکامی ,ساعات غیبت از کار

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