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   بررسی دیدگاه مدرسان،کارشناسان و مدیران مدارس درباره استفاده از معلمان زن در آموزش به دانش‌آموزان پایه‌های اول تا سوم مدارس ابتدایی پسرانه  
نویسنده فراهانی علیرضا ,نصر احمدرضا ,شریف مصطفی
منبع مطالعات اجتماعي روانشناختي زنان - 1391 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:135 -158
چکیده    Perspective of Teachers, School Administrators and Experts on the Use of Female Teachers in Boys’ Elementary Schools to Teach Students of Grades One to Three Ali Reza FarahaniM.A. in Educational PlanningAhmad Reza NasrProfessor of Education, Isfahan UniversitySeyed Mostafa SharifAssistant Professor, Education Dept., Isfahan UniversityAbstractConsidering that teacher is the most important factor in the development of qualitatively effective education system, the present research aims to assess female teachers use in boys’ elementary schools to teach students the grades one to three. In this research, we use the survey-descriptive method. The statistical population of the research includes the principals of elementary schools, experts, and teachers of teacher-training center of Qom in the educational year of 2008-2009. In order to select the principals, classified sampling method was used in congruency with the size. The purposeful sampling method was used to determine the experts' sample. In this regard, views of 162 principals, 20 experts and faculty members were analyzed, those who had a remarkable research background. The validity of the questionnaire and the interview were confirmed by 7 of the professors and 4 PhD students. The reliability of the questionnaire was estimated in selection to be at 0.85 respectively, using the Crunbach alpha. In order to analyze the results descriptively and analytically, the SPSS software was used; in order to analyze the interview, the categorization method was utilized. The results suggest that, due to the distance taken from the center of a warm family for the first-year students to meet their emotional needs and academic progress, the use of female teachers can be very beneficial to teach boys. For the second grade students the recommendation was same as that for the first graders. Due to the impact of imitating gender roles, use of female teachers in the third grade students was discouraged.Keywords Elementary Teachers, Female Teachers, Boys’ Elementary Schools
کلیدواژه معلمان‌ ابتدایی ,معلمان زن ,مدارس ابتدایی پسرانه
پست الکترونیکی m.sharif@edu.ui.ir

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