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   برساخت اجتماعی سرطان سینه:مطالعه موردی زنان مبتلا به سرطان سینه در شهر تبریز  
نویسنده فاضلی نعمت الله ,فیضی عادله
منبع مطالعات اجتماعي روانشناختي زنان - 1391 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:51 -84
چکیده    Social Construction of Breast Cancer Case Study: Women with Breast Cancer in TabrizNematollah FazeliFaculty Member, Allame Tabatabaei UniversityAdeleh FeiziGraduate Student, Allame Tabatabaei UniversityAbstractThis paper conducts a qualitative research to study woman with breast cancer. The sample consists of 24 patients from two hospitals, Shahid Ghazi and Imam Khomeini, in Tabriz, Iran. Two physicians, specializing in breast cancer, and two radiotherapy technicians were also interviewed. The theoretical framework of the study is based on grounded theory.The study implements depth interview with each patient while introducing such issues as becoming aware of the disease, starting the therapy, and patient's strategies to cope with the disease. The results show social and cultural factors play a significant role on these issues as well as on woman's emotions and attitudes towards breast cancer.With emphasis on subjective, interpretive, cognitive, and constructionist nature of social problems, the paper stresses the medicalization of the breast cancer. The study mentions that breast cancer, besides medical aspects, has specific social and cultural dimensions which could be essential to sociological themes.Keywords Social Construction, Pain, Breast Cancer, Awareness, Breast Self Examination, Socio-Cultural Meaning, Medicalization
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