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   مطالعه جمعیت‌شناختی تاثیر جوان‏همسری بر ازدواج دختران  
نویسنده کوششی مجید ,قربانی زهرا
منبع مطالعات اجتماعي روانشناختي زنان - 1391 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:109 -134
چکیده    Young-Spouse Selection and Girls' Marriage:Studying the Demographic Effect Majid KoosheshiFaculty Member, University of TehranZahra GhorbaniM.A. in Demography, University of TehranAbstractThis paper's objective is to study the delay in males' marriage and their age-selection patterns its effects on females' marriage delay which would increase the risk of remaining single in girls. We have utilized here the data obtained from the general socio-economic census of 2001. The main idea of the paper is that in addition to problems which are usually cited as prohibiting the young from marrying, there is another one that affects the marriage market. This is what we call the modes of spouse selection in terms of age. The data show that as the males' age increases at their first marriage so do that of the females. Moreover, along such a line, it follows that the distance of marriage age grows between the sexes. The analyses show that young-spouse selection in late generations of males is 67% more common than marrying same-age or older-age spouses. The findings have clearly indicated that a delay in the male marriage is followed by a delay in the female marriage. On the other hand, considering a male's preference of marrying a younger spouse, such a tendency is followed by a demographic event: a marked reduction in marriage probability of older-age single females, which in other words can be stated as an increase in probability risk of females remaining single.Keywords Delay of Marriage; Pattern of Marriage; Age at Marriage; Age Difference between Spouses; Mean Age at First Marriage
کلیدواژه تاخیر در ازدواج ,الگوی سن ازدواج ,فاصله سنی زوج‌ها ,تجرد قطعی ,متاهلان هم‏دوره
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