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   امنیت و جنسیّت: تفاوت‌های بین جنسی در مقابل نابرابری‌های اجتماعی و منطقه‌ای  
نویسنده عنایت حلیمه ,موحد مجید ,حیدری رحم‌اله
منبع مطالعات اجتماعي روانشناختي زنان - 1391 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:7 -32
چکیده    Security and Gender Inter- Sex Differences versus Social & Regional InequalitiesHalimeh EnayatAssociate Professor of Sociology, Shiraz UniversityMajid MovahedAssociate Professor of Sociology, Shiraz UniversityElahe Rahm HeidariAssistant Professor, Social Science Dept, Yasuj University AbstractThe examination of the relationship between gender and feeling of public security of the youths of Shiraz and Yasuj city is the main goal of this paper. The quantitative method is used to collect the necessary data for this study. In general, there are two perspectives to the relationship between gender and feeling of security: essentialists and minimalists. Essentialists believe that men and women have intrinsic differences in emotional and behavioral characteristics (emphasis on sex). In contrast, minimalists put focus on the economic structures and social and cultural specialties that lead to the relative superiority of men over women (emphasis on gender). In addition, they emphasize the intra- gender differences rather than inter- gender ones. The result of this research reflects the importance of both sex and gender in security studies. It means that, women, in general, have lower feeling of social security than men in each three comparative conditions in Shiraz, Yasuj and together (i.e.sex effect). But, in other dimensions of feeling of social security, social- cultural differences of two cities have more determinant effects on amount of feeling of social security than sex differences (especially in political dimension of security).Keywords Gender, Feeling of Social Security, Youth; Shiraz, Yasuj
کلیدواژه احساس امنیت اجتماعی ,جنسیت ,جوانان ,شیراز ,یاسوج
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