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   Association Between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Febrile Seizure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  
نویسنده Nasehi Mohammad Mehdi ,Abbaskhanian Ali ,Salehi Omran Mohammad Reza
منبع Journal Of Pediatrics Review - 2013 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:13 -18
چکیده    Febrile seizure is the most common convulsive disorder in children and different studies reported controversial results about the association between this disorder and iron deficiency. in some studies, iron level in children with febrile seizure is higher than control and in some reports it is less than the control group. so, we systematically reviewed all the studies in this field and analyzed their findings using meta-analysis methods.this review and meta-analysis was conducted by iron and fever keywords on articles published in the databases pubmed, google scholar and federated search of medical digital library that includes a variety of international databases. all articles dated at the end of march 2012 were studied. case-control studies were selected and quality assessment of studies were surveyed by strob criteria and information requirements, including the status of iron deficiency anemia, iron levels and ferritin level of eligible studies were extracted and analyzed by comprehensive meta-analysis version 2.0 software and the forest and funnel chart was drawn.finally 11 studies included 1357 children with febrile seizure and 1347 children in the control group were evaluated. the odds ratio of iron deficiency anemia in children with febrile seizure in comparison to the control group was 1.27 (or = 1.27, ci95%: 1.03 -1.56). ferritin level was not significant between the two groups (p=0.08), but the iron level in the two groups was significant (p=0.000).iron deficiency is considered as a risk factor in the incidence of febrile seizure and interventional studies can be helpful to confirm this hypothesis.
کلیدواژه Iron-Deficiency Anemia ,Febrile Seizure ,Systematic Review ,Meta-Analysis
آدرس Mazandaran University Of Medical Sciences, ایران, Mazandaran University Of Medical Sciences, ایران, Babol University Of Medical Sciences, ایران

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