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   International Journal Of Advanced Biological And Biomedical Research   
سال:2014 - دوره:2 - شماره:5

  tick  Influence Of The Bovine Acyl-Coa: Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase1 (Dgat1) K232a On Milk Production And Somatic Cell Score Holstein Cows - صفحه:1300-1306

  tick  Estimation Of Genetic And Phonotypic Trends For Age At First Calving, Calving Interval, Days Open And Number Of Insemination To Conception For Isfahan Holstein Cows - صفحه:1307-1314

  tick  Delineation Of Groundwater Recharge Sites Using Gis Case Study: Sefied Dasht - صفحه:1316-1324

  tick  Broiler Production Explation– Steps To Start - صفحه:1326-1333

  tick  Feeding And Managing The Ewe Flock: A New Watch - صفحه:1336-1342

  tick  The Principles Of Poultry Husbandry - صفحه:1344-1349

  tick  A Survey On Ecological City Trends - صفحه:1351-1356

  tick  Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm For Site Selection Of Groundwater Artificial Recharge Areas (Case Study: Sefied Dasht Plain) - صفحه:1367-1376

  tick  Measurement Of Vertical Water Percolation Through Different Soil Textures Of Paddy Field During Rice Growth Season - صفحه:1379-1388

  tick  Evaluation Of A Walking Tractor Drawn Peanut Harvester And Comparing It With Manual Harvesting - صفحه:1390-1397

  tick  Reinforcement Learning In Neural Networks: A Survey - صفحه:1398-1416

  tick  The Evaluation Of Wheat Losses Harvesting In Two Conventional Combine (John Deere 1165, 955) In Iran - صفحه:1417-1425

  tick  The Investigation Of Wheat Losses Harvesting In Lordegan County (Iran) - صفحه:1427-1435

  tick  Navigation Techniques Of Mobile Robots In Greenhouses - صفحه:1438-1449

  tick  Water Quality Evaluation Of Bamdezh Wetland Using Combination Of Nsfwqi And Geographic Information System - صفحه:1454-1467

  tick  An Experimental Study Of The Systemic Alteration Of Nitroimidazoles In The Middle Stage Of Embryonic Development - صفحه:1468-1474

  tick  Comparing Of Peanut Harvesting Loss In Mechanical And Manual Methods - صفحه:1475-1483

  tick  Haemotropic Mycoplasmas (Haemoplasmas): A Review - صفحه:1484-1503

  tick  Assessment And Mapping Of Desertification Sensitivity In Central Part Of Iran - صفحه:1504-1512

  tick  Short-Term Effect Of Different Tillage Systems On Soil Salinity, Density And Nutrients In Irrigated Wheat - صفحه:1513-1524

  tick  Rosmarinic Acid And Anthocyanin Content Improvement By Foliar Application Of Fe And Zn Fertilizer In Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis L.) - صفحه:1525-1530

  tick  A Survey On Municipal Waste Problems (Case Of Mashhad) - صفحه:1531-1538

  tick  Effect Of Different Tillage Systems On Soil Physical Properties And Yield Of Wheat (Case Study: Agricultural Lands Of Hakim Abad Village, Chenaran Township, Khorasan Razavi Province) - صفحه:1539-1552

  tick  Efficiency Of The Injection Of Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole Solution On Game Bird Embryonated-Egg During The Late Stage Of Development - صفحه:1553-1561

  tick  Studying Some Hydrodynamic Properties Of Iranian Two Local Apples Varieties Related To Harvest Times (Ashegi And Gare Yapraq) - صفحه:1562-1571

  tick  Effect Of Intercropping Patterns Of Chickpea And Dragon’S Head (Lallemantia Iberica Fish. Et Mey.) On Yield, Yield Components And Morphological Traits Of Dragon’S Head Under Different Weed Management - صفحه:1572-1581

  tick  Effect Of Mechanical Plucking Height On Tea Green Leaf Yield And Its Quality - صفحه:1582-1592

  tick  Comparison Of Linear And Threshold Models For Estimation Genetic And Phenotypic Parameters Of Success Of Conception At First Service And Inseminations To Conception In Holstein Cattles In East Azarbay - صفحه:1593-1598

  tick  Effects Of Tarragon Powders’ Different Levels (Artemisia Dracunculus) On General Performance And Anetometric Properties Of Digestive System Of Male Broiler Chickens - صفحه:1599-1605

  tick  Functional Assessment Of Codm Gene In Different Cultivar Of Papaveraceous Species Via In Silico Analysis - صفحه:1606-1612

  tick  Relationship Between Cell Surface Hydrophobicity And Degradation Of Hexadecane - صفحه:1613-1619

  tick  Degradation Of Alkanes In Contaminated Sites - صفحه:1620-1637

  tick  Municipal Solid Waste Management In Coastal Line Of Gilan Province - صفحه:1638-1649

  tick  Length-Weight Relationship And Fulton’S Condition Factor Of Macrobrachium Nipponense (De Haan, 1849) In Southern Coasts Of The Caspian Sea-Iran - صفحه:1650-1656

  tick  Effect Of Subsoil Compaction Constraints On Some Morphological, Physiological And Agronomic Properties Of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Under Rain-Fed Farming - صفحه:1657-1669

  tick  Effect Of Flushing Ration On The Sexual And Breeding Behaviors In Ghezel Sheep - صفحه:1700-1706

  tick  New Method Of Artificial Neural Networks (Ann) In Modeling Broiler Production Energy Index In Alborz Province - صفحه:1707-1718

  tick  Sequencing And Bioinformatics Analysis Of The Partial Promoter Region Of Κ-Casein (Csn3) Gene In Iranian Bacterianus And Dromedaries Camels - صفحه:1719-1725

  tick  Mapping Of Transcription Factor Binding Region Of Kappa Casein (Csn3) Gene In Iranian Bacterianus And Dromedaries Camels - صفحه:1726-1733

  tick  Analysis Of Climatic Factors Influencing The Architecture In The City Of Darab - صفحه:1734-1741

  tick  Impact Of Wind Direction And Speed On Dusty Days - صفحه:1742-1749

  tick  Effects Of Tarragon Powders’ Different Levels (Artemisia Dracunculus) On Performance And Carcasses ‘Characteristics Male Broiler Chickens - صفحه:1750-1760

  tick  Weight Changes And Sexual Behavior In Ghezel Intact And Castrated Male Lambs - صفحه:1761-1767

  tick  Evaluation Of Eight Evaporation Estimation Methods In A Semi-Arid Region (Dez Reservoir, Iran) - صفحه:1823-1836

  tick  Hybrid Models Performance Assessment To Predict Flow Of Gamasyab River - صفحه:1837-1846

  tick  Embryo Transferfortrans Cervicalin Cattle - صفحه:1847-1853

  tick  Role Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (Am) Fungi In Phytoremediation Of Soils Contaminated: A Review - صفحه:1854-1864

  tick  Remote Sensing Based Retrieval Of Snow Cover Properties Case Study (Shirkooh Mountain Yazd, Iran) - صفحه:1865-1875

  tick  Component And Application Aloe Vera Plant In Medicine - صفحه:1876-1882

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