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   International Journal Of Advanced Biological And Biomedical Research   
سال:2013 - دوره:1 - شماره:9

  tick  Comparison Of Mental Health In Fertile And Infertile Womens At Kowsar Infertility Clinic - صفحه:932-939

  tick  The Effect Of Water Stress On Grain Yield And Protein Of Spotted Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.), Cultivar Talash - صفحه:940-949

  tick  A Survey On Heavy Metal Concentration In Downstream Wells Of Landfill (Case Of Mashhad, Iran) - صفحه:950-956

  tick  Evaluation Of Pinus Eldarica Hazardous Criterias In The Babol City (Mazandaran Province, Northern State Of Iran) - صفحه:957-962

  tick  Isolation Of Clostridium Difficile From Turkey And Ostrich Meat Sold In Meat Stores If Isfahan City - صفحه:963-967

  tick  Evaluation Of Desertification Intensity With Using Of ״Iranian Model For Desertification Potential Assessment ״ In The Marghzar Of Shahrekord'S Plain - صفحه:968-980

  tick  Comparabilityanalyses Of The Spi And Rdi Meteorological Drought Indices In South Khorasan Province In Iran - صفحه:981-992

  tick  Comparison Of Absorbed Fraction Of Gamma And Beta Rays Of I-124 And I-131-Radio-Isotopes In Thyroid Gland With Monte Carlo Simulation - صفحه:993-998

  tick  Evaluation Accuracy Of Nearest Neighbor Sampling Method In Zagross Forests - صفحه:999-1008

  tick  The Effect Of Salinity Stress On Growth Parameters And Essential Oil Percentage Of Peppermint (Mentha Piperita L.) - صفحه:1009-1015

  tick  The Effect Of Cichorium Intybus On The Activities Of Bifidobacterium Bifidum And Lactobacillus Acidophilus In Probiotic Milk And Yoghurt - صفحه:1016-1021

  tick  Application Of Seed Equilibrium Moisture Curves In Agro Physics - صفحه:1022-1032

  tick  The Effect Of Dorema Aucheri On The Activities Of Bifidobacterium Bifidum And Lactobacillus Acidophilus In Probiotic Milk And Yoghurt - صفحه:1033-1039

  tick  Studying The Effect Of Kidney Internal Structure On Beta Absorbed Dose Of Radiopharmaceuticals Hg-203, Ho-166 And Y90 Using Monte Carlo - صفحه:1040-1046

  tick  The Comparison Of Effect Of Conservation On Biodiversity And Density Indeces Of Wintery Waterfowl And Wader Birds In Maroon Dam In Protected Area And Jaizan Dam - صفحه:1047-1057

  tick  Comparison Of Hydrodistillation, Microwave Hydrodistillation And Solvent Free Microwave Methods In Analysis Of The Essential Oils From Aerial Parts Of Haplophyllum Robustum Bge. By Gc/Ms Method - صفحه:1058-1067

  tick  Response Of Yield And Yield Components Of Maize (Zea Mayz L.) To Different Bio Fertilizers - صفحه:1068-1077

  tick  Effect Of Hydro-Methanolic Extract Of Xylopia Aethiopica On Sexual Behaviour In Male Wister Rats - صفحه:1078-1085

  tick  Evaluation Of Drought Tolerance In Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.)Under Non Stress And Drought Stress Conditions - صفحه:1086-1093

  tick  Assessment The Effect Of Kidney Internal Structure On Gamma Absorbed Dose Of Radiopharmaceutical 111in-Dtpa - صفحه:1094-1100

  tick  Shifting Mosaics In Semisteppe Rangelands Driven By Interactive Effect Of Human Made Disturbances - صفحه:1101-1111

  tick  Ammi Analysis Of Wheat Substitution Lines For Detecting Genes Controlling Adaptability - صفحه:1112-1123

  tick  Chemical Constituents Of The Essential Oils From The Leaves, Flowers And Seeds Of Tagets Minuta L. By Gc/Ms - صفحه:1124-1128

  tick  Scrutiny Of Feasibility Of Implementation For Underground Dam In The Margin Of Desert For Land Farming (Case Study, Kerman (Ravar) Underground Dam) - صفحه:1129-1141

  tick  New Approach For Removal Of Total Hardness ( Ca2+, Mg2+ ) From Water Using Commercial Polyacrylic Acid Hydrogel Beads, Study And Application - صفحه:1142-1156

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