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   nitrogen transformations in the tobacco float tobacco system  
نویسنده morad-beigi laia ,amirnia reza ,tajbakhsh mehdi
منبع international journal of advanced biological and biomedical research - 2013 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 5 - صفحه:524 -531
چکیده    in order to investigate the possibility of using organic fertilizers in tobacco floating nursery, an experiment was conducted at tobacco research institute of urmia in 2010. the experiment was done as factorial trail based on randomized complete block design (crbd) with four replications. the levels of first factor were disinfected poultry manure, disinfected pigeon manure, a complete fertilizer (npk) (15-5-30) and marmarin fertilizer and the levels of second factor were involved two types of media (100 percent peat and 60 percent animal manure with 40 percent perlite media). during the experiment the concentration of nitrogen and ammonium levels were sampled and analyzed in nutrient solution after 10 days. the most of the nitrate and ammonium ( 48.82 and 63.8 ppm )  were obtained from chemical fertilizer in the peat media at the first sampling whereas the lowest nitrate and ammonium (4.02 and 5.57 ppm ) was belonged to chemical fertilizer at  peat media and chemical fertilizer at perlite media with manure treatments, respectively, which was recorded at fourth stage of sampling.
کلیدواژه organic fertilizer ,planting media ,tobacco
آدرس university of urmia, ایران, university of urmia, ایران, university of urmia, ایران

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