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   International Journal Of Advanced Biological And Biomedical Research   
سال:2015 - دوره:3 - شماره:1

  tick  The Effect Of Copper Sulfate On Chicken Embryo During The Incubation Period - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Application Of Gis And Gps In Precision Agriculture (A Review) - صفحه:7-9

  tick  Histochemical Evaluation Of The Activities Of Vitamin C On Ethanol Administration In Rat; Implication On The Cytoarchitectural And Some Neurochemical Indices Of The Prefrontal Cortex - صفحه:10-13

  tick  Studies On Germination Properties Of Spring Wheat With Treatment By Poly Amines Under Salinity Stress - صفحه:19-23

  tick  Metal Pollution Assessment In Soil Samples Of Mining Area, Shahr-E-Babak, Iran - صفحه:24-34

  tick  The First Report Of Leptus N. Sp. (Acari: Erythraeidae) As Ectoparasite Of Cassida Persica Spaeth (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) From Oil And Gas Company Of Gachsaran - صفحه:35-37

  tick  Effects Of Climate Change And Drought-Stress On Plant Physiology - صفحه:38-42

  tick  Study Of Factors Influencing Somatic Embryogenesis In Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) - صفحه:43-50

  tick  Irradiation’ And Its Potential To Food Preservation - صفحه:51-54

  tick  Identify Affecting Factors On Student’S Environmental Protection Behavior - صفحه:55-60

  tick  The Role Of Economic Development And Management In Agriculture: A Brief Review - صفحه:61-64

  tick  A Study Of Initial, Final And Growing Season Length In West Of Iran - صفحه:65-69

  tick  Climate Effects On Corn Yield In Kermanshah Provinceby - صفحه:70-74

  tick  Investigation The Concentration Of Heavy Metals In The Sediment Of Zayandehrood River Bed - صفحه:75-81

  tick  Role Of Ict In Sustainable Urban Development By Using Model Swot - صفحه:82-86

  tick  Analyzing The Role Of Motivation Factors In Herzberg’S Theory On Teacher’S Job Satisfaction (Case Study: Elementary Schools In Talesh City) - صفحه:87-92

  tick  Performance Comparison Of Gaussian And Elliptic High Pass Filter - صفحه:93-96

  tick  The Effect Of Field Size And Distance From The Field Center On Neutron Contamination In Medical Linear Accelerator - صفحه:97-104

  tick  Analysis Students’ Motivation In Vocational Schools And Agricultural Training Centers In Kermanshah Province Toward Studying The Field Of Agriculture - صفحه:105-114

  tick  Economic Analysis Of Horticultural Crop Production At Various Levels Of Mechanization (Case Study: Ghazvin Province - صفحه:115-118

  tick  Screening Droughttolerant Genotypes In Chickpea Using Stress Tolerance Score (Sts) Method - صفحه:119-128

  tick  Oligocene Stratigraphy Of The Northern Subcoastal Fars Zone (Tang-E-Khoshk, Zagros Structures, Iran): Biostratigraphy And Paleoenvironment - صفحه:129-137

  tick  Effect Of K Nano-Fertilizer And N Bio-Fertilizer On Yield And Yield Components Of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum L.) - صفحه:138-143

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