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   effects of using radiation processing in nutrition science and their restriction: a review  
نویسنده zarei mohsen
منبع international journal of advanced biological and biomedical research - 2019 - دوره : 7 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:19 -29
چکیده    isotopic and nuclear techniques play an important role in food and agriculture, health and industry. in the agricultural sciences and food technology sectors, recent research has elucidated the new potential application of radiation for microbial decontamination, food preservation, improve the nutritional quality of  foods  and effectively utilise its potential as human food or animal feed. the information presented will help researchers to identify techniques of relevance to them. simplification of some of these techniques must be addressed so that they can be used more widely, especially in developing countries. this review suggest that a key challenge for the future is to use these techniques for improving efficiency of livestock production and decreasing environmental pollution.
کلیدواژه isotopic ,radiation processing ,nuclear techniques ,nutrition science
آدرس razi university, faculty of agriculture, ایران
پست الکترونیکی m.zarei@pgs.razi.ac.ir

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