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   Medical Journal Of Indonesia   
سال:2011 - دوره:20 - شماره:1

  tick  Access To Health Information May Improve Behavior In Preventing Avian Influenza Among Women - صفحه:56-61

  tick  Anthropometric Profiles Of Children With Congenital Heart Disease - صفحه:40-45

  tick  Dietary Iron Intake, Serum Ferritin And Haemoglobin Levels, And Cognitive Development Scores Of Infants Aged 6-8 Months - صفحه:46-49

  tick  Editor’S Note - صفحه:3-3

  tick  Effect Of Adipose Tissue Processing Procedures In Culture Result: A Study Preliminary - صفحه:15-19

  tick  Expression Of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase In Rat Blood, Heart And Brain During Induced Systemic Hypoxia - صفحه:27-33

  tick  Genetic Polymorphism Of Merozoite Surface Protein-1 (Msp-1) Block 2 Allelic Types In Plasmodium Falciparum Field Isolates From Mountain And Coastal Area In West Sumatera, Indonesia - صفحه:11-14

  tick  Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence And Its Determinants In Selected Regions In Indonesia - صفحه:50-55

  tick  Iron Deficiency Anemia In The Elderly - صفحه:71-77

  tick  Oral Health Related Quality Of Life In Indonesian Middle-Aged And Elderly Women - صفحه:62-65

  tick  Polyclonal Vdac3 Antibody Decreases Human Sperm Motility: A Novel Approach To Male Contraception - صفحه:5-10

  tick  Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L) Powder Reduced Malondialdehyde (Mda) Level In Cigarette Smoke Exposed Rats - صفحه:34-39

  tick  The Level Of Escherichia Coli Contamination In Foods And Drinks Sold At Canteens Campus - صفحه:66-70

  tick  The Metabolic Effects Of Di (2-Ethyl Hexyl) Phthalate Medium Dose On Lipid Profiles In Serum And Liver Tissue - صفحه:20-26

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