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   Medical Journal Of Indonesia   
سال:2010 - دوره:19 - شماره:3

  tick  A Second Generation Of Rt-Pcr Assay For Detection Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (Hiv-1) Infection - صفحه:154-157

  tick  Angiopoietin Like Protein 3 (Angptl3), Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4 (Fabp4) And Homeostasis Model Assessment Of Insulin Resistance (Homa-Ir) Among Indonesian Obese Non Diabetic Males - صفحه:185-190

  tick  Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Guided With Electroanatomical Mapping System: A One Year Follow Up - صفحه:172-178

  tick  Combine Proper Exercise And Regular Taking Antihypertensive Medicine Was Better To Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure Among Diastolic Prehypertensive And Hypertensive Subjects - صفحه:191-198

  tick  Demographic Characteristics, Risk Factors And Immunocytochemistry Of P16ink4a, Ki-67, Mcm5, And Survivin As Predictors For The Progress Of Cervical Precancer Lesion - صفحه:147-153

  tick  Diagnostic Test Of Predicted Height Model In Indonesian Elderly: A Study In An Urban Area - صفحه:199-204

  tick  Editorial: Obesity: Not Just The Scale Problem - صفحه:145-146

  tick  Incretin-Based Therapies For Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Asian Patients: Analysis Of Clinical Trials - صفحه:205-212

  tick  Percutaneous Transluminal Septal Myocardial Ablation (Ptsma) Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Indonesian Initial Experience - صفحه:164-171

  tick  Pulmonary Dysfunction In Obese Early Adolescents - صفحه:179-184

  tick  The Association Of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Level With Ischemic Stroke (Preliminary Study) - صفحه:158-163

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