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   Jundishapur Journal Of Natural Pharmaceutical Products   
سال:2021 - دوره:16 - شماره:1

  tick  Anti-Adherence And Anti-Fungal Abilities Of Thymol And Carvacrol Against Candida Species Isolated From Patients With Oral Candidiasis In Comparison With Fluconazole And Voriconazole - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Comparison Of Gastric-Ulcerogenecity Effect Of Methanolic Extract Of Capparis Spinosa And Indomethacin In Rat - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Effect Of Cinnamon On Inflammatory Factors, Pain And Anthropometric Indices In Progressive-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Effect Of Co-Administration Of Agnus Castus Aqueous Leaf Extract And Cadmium Chloride On Testicular Function Indices - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Effects Of Garlic Powder And Satureja Khuzestanica Essential Oil On Male Ross 308 Chickens Performance, Blood Lipid Profile, Immune Responses, Intestinal Microflora, And Morphology - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Effects Of Tarragon Powder On Glucose Metabolic Changes, Lipid Profile And Antioxidant Enzyme Levels In Type 2 Patients With Diabetes: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Trial - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Evaluating The Neuroprotective Effect Of Melatonin On Patients With Hemorrhagic Stroke Using Serum S100b Protein As A Prognostic Marker - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Evaluation Of Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum) Effects On Liver Cyp450 2d1 Activity And Hepatic Clearance In Diabetic Rats - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Extraction And Isolation Of Antioxidant-Antibacterial Compounds From Lactobacillus Casei Strain K1c By Thin-Layer Chromatography - صفحه:1-8

  tick  In Vitro Enzyme Inhibitory And Antioxidant Properties, Cytotoxicity, And Lc-Dad-Esi-Ms/Ms Profile Of Extracts From The Halophyte Lotus Creticus L - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Investigation Of Healing Effects Of Cinnamic Acid In A Full-Thickness Wound Model In Rabbit - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Protection Against Radiation-Induced Duox1 And Duox2 Upregulation In Rat'S Lung Tissues By A Combination Of Curcumin And L-Selenomethionine - صفحه:1-5

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