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   Jundishapur Journal Of Natural Pharmaceutical Products   
سال:2020 - دوره:15 - شماره:3

  tick  Anti-Mutagenicity And Apoptotic Effects Of Teucrium Polium L. Essential Oil In Ht29 Cell Line - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Application Of Uhplc And Gc/Ms For Detection Of Hidden Drugs In Traditional Hand-Made Herbal Slimming Products - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Chemical Compositions And Biological Activities Of Scutellaria Genus Essential Oils (Lamiaceae) - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Effect Of Herbal Formulation “Cystone®” On Urolithiasis - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Effects Of A Combination Of Foeniculum Vulgare, Melissa Officinalis Extract, And Nigella Saliva Powder On Healthy Menopausalwomen With Sexual Dysfunction: A Randomized Clinical Trial - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy Of Vincristine Sulfate For Lymphoma Using Niosome-Based Drug Delivery - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Expression, Purification, And Verification Of Recombinant Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A Binding Domain: A Comparison Between X33 And Pichiapink Strains Of Pichia Pastoris - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Immunomodulator Drug (Imod^Tm) And Exercise Improve Cardiac Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Balance In Diabetic Rats - صفحه:1-

  tick  Modulation Of Extracellular Matrix By Scrophularia Striata Extract In Vitro: A Potential Antiscarring Agent - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Quercetin Effects On Hepatotoxicity Induced By Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles In Rats - صفحه:1-8

  tick  The Effects Of Doxorubicin, Ethanol Extract And Flavonoid-Rich Fraction Of Euphorbia Splendida Mobayen On The Parp Level, And Apc Gene Expression In Ht-29 Human Colon Cancer Cell Line - صفحه:1-8

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