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   Jundishapur Journal Of Natural Pharmaceutical Products   
سال:2017 - دوره:12 - شماره:4

  tick  Comparison Of The In Vitro Antifibrogenic Effects Of Silymarin, Silybin A And 18α-Glycyrrhizin On Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Effects Of Achillea Millefolium Aqueous Extract On Electrophysiological Properties Of Rat Barrel Cortex Neurons - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Efficacy Evaluation Of Nebulized Magnesium, As An Additional Complementary Treatment, In Clinical And Peak Flow Metric Improvements Of Acute Asthma Attack: A Randomized Double-Blinded Clinical Trial - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Ethnobotanical Survey: A Comprehensive Review Of Medicinal Plants Used Against Gastrointestinal Disorders In Niger, West Africa - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Evaluation Of The Mosquito Repellent Activity Of Nano-Sized Microemulsion Of Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil Against Culicinae - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Formulation And Evaluation Of An Iranian Traditional Dosage Form Containing Linum And Ficus For Improvement Of Functional Constipation - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Identification And Quantification Of Phthalate Pollution In Holothuria Atra: A Sea Cucumber From The Persian Gulf (Iran) - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Preparation And Characterization Of Pullulan-Soy Protein Concentrate Blended Film Incorporated With Zataria Multiflora And Artemisia Biennis Essential Oils - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Relapse Of A Plasmodium Vivax Infection In An Iranian Patient: A Case Report - صفحه:1-3

  tick  Tailored Hydrogel Microbeads Of Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose As A Carrier To Deliver Mefenamic Acid: Transmucosal Administration - صفحه:1-9

  tick  The Evaluation Of The Ameliorative Effect Of Montelukast Against Arsenic Trioxide-Induced Cardiotoxicity In Rats - صفحه:1-7

  tick  The Hepatoprotective Effect Of Gallic Acid On Mercuric Chloride-Induced Liver Damage In Rats - صفحه:1-8

  tick  The Vitamin E Preventive Effect On Taxol-Induced Neuropathy Among Patients With Breast Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial - صفحه:1-6

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