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   International Journal Of Architectural Engineering And Urban Planning   
سال:2019 - دوره:29 - شماره:2

  tick  Application Of Quality Function Deployment (Qfd) To Improve Product Design Quality In School Furniture - صفحه:277-287

  tick  Assessment Of Privacy Using The Meaning Structure Method: Case Of Mashhad Social Housings - صفحه:171-182

  tick  Consequences And The Process Of Creating A Historical Disconnection In The Last Six Decades Of Architecture And Urbanism Of Iran - صفحه:183-193

  tick  Exploring The Relationship Between The Historical Persian Garden And The Philosophy Of Quadruple Paradigm - صفحه:247-254

  tick  Fear Of Crime And Individual Factors As Barriers To Leisure Walking In Neighborhoods - صفحه:269-275

  tick  Intuitive And Logical Way Of Thinking In The Education Of Architectural Design Courses - صفحه:161-170

  tick  Procedural Modeling As A Practical Technique For 3d Assessment In Urban Design Via Cityengine - صفحه:255-267

  tick  Regeneration-Led Gentrification: A Comparative Study Of Atabak And Khani-Abad Neighborhoods In Tehran - صفحه:195-211

  tick  Rehabilitation Strategies For Tehran University Qanat In The Frame Of Sustainable Development - صفحه:223-231

  tick  The Impact Of Wind On Ambient Temperature And Thermal Comfort Through Wind Catcher By Employing Pmv-A Case Of Salehi'S House In Shiraz, Iran - صفحه:213-222

  tick  The Physical Factors Affecting The Social Livability Of Gated Communities: A Case Study Of Gated Communities In Tehran - صفحه:127-139

  tick  Thermal Performance Simulation Of Hydroponic Green Wall In A Cold Climate - صفحه:233-246

  tick  Ventilated Hollow Core Slab As A Thermal Mass Strategy And Its Effect On Thermal Comfort; (Case Study: Lotion College, England) - صفحه:141-160

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