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   همه‌گیرشناسی اختلالات روانی در بین کارکنان یگان‌های زمینی یکی از نیروهای نظامی جمهوری اسلامی ایران  
نویسنده راه نجات امیرحسین ,بهامین قباد ,سجادیان رضا ,دنیوی وحید
منبع روان شناسي نظامي - 1390 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:27 -36
چکیده    Introduction: the purpose of this research wasto determine the epidemiology of mentaldisorders of ground units personnel in one ofthe military units of the islamic republic of iranin tehran. unidentified personnel, who aresuffering from mental disorders, not only makeit difficult for the unit to function well and carryout missions successfully, but also impose highexpenses on the military units. thereforeidentifying these cases is crucial.method: this study is an epidemiological anddescriptive research and was conducted as across sectional one in 1387. 975 subjectsparticipated in this study by the use of clustersampling of 6 military centers located in tehran.subjects filled out a demographic questionnaireand scl-90-r.results: results showed that the prevalence ofdisease symptoms based on the general severityindex (gsi) of scl 90 questionnaire was 35.5percent. 346 of 975 subjects were diagnosed assuspected of mental disorders. paranoidthoughts and somatization were the most prevalentmental disorders with 15.5 and 15.4 percentrespectively. also these results show that theprevalence of each mental disorders in the personnelage between 20-30, the personnel who have b.sdegree and upper, down rank officers, the marriedpersonnel, the combat- operation ranks personnel ismore than other groups.discussion: base on the results of this study, theimportance of psychological evaluationsconducted annually, precise identification ofmilitary personnel at risk and provide timelymental health services to them over the past issignificant. therefore it is essential that seniormilitary commanders and managers have practicaland executive programs in facilitating the accessof military forces to mental health services.
کلیدواژه همه‌گیرشناسی ,اختلالات روانی ,پرسشنامه چک‌لیست نشانه های 90 گانه

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