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   رابطه هوش معنوی و تعهد سازمانی در مدیران پرستاری بیمارستان‌های نظامی  
نویسنده پرنده اکرم ,ایزدی احمد ,عبادی عباس ,قنبری مجتبی
منبع روان شناسي نظامي - 1390 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:69 -78
چکیده    Introduction: nowadays, successful organizationshave empowered and committed employees whohave continuously work to improve systems andprocesses. with changes and developments in theeconomy, health and management, a new paradigmsuch as self management, collaboration and coworking, integrity of the quality of working andspirituality organization is proposed. organizationalcommitment and spirituality is an important issue inthe organization. the aim of this study has beendone the correlation between organizationalcommitment and spiritual intelligence in nursesmanagers.method: this study was descriptive – crosssectionalperformed during 2010-2011 .itaccomplished with 133 nurses managers, supervisionsand head nurses in five military hospital of tehranmilitary hospitals that selected by census sampling.for data gathering .we use three questionnaires thatincluding demographic characteristics, questionnaireof spiritual intelligence and organizationalcommitment. the data was analyzed with spss 16software with using descriptive and analyticalstatistical tests (mean, standard deviation and chisquaretest, pearson correlation coefficient andsimple linear regression).results: the results showed that 82.7 percent ofnurse managers had high spiritual intelligence and96.2 percent had middle organizationalcommitment. correlation between domains ofspiritual intelligence (spiritual experiences,forgiveness) and organizational commitmentshowed that it was significant ( p < 0.05).discussion: in nursing spirituality experience ,managers could be creates a space of spiritual carefor patients. we suggest that managers pay moreattention to enhance the spiritual aspects of the workenvironment.
کلیدواژه معنویت ,هوش معنوی ,تعهد سازمانی ,مدیران پرستار

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