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   بررسی انگیزه‌های تحصیلی دانشجویان نظامی مجتمع دانشگاهی امیرالمومنین(ع) وعوامل موثر برآن  
نویسنده علیخانی محمد حسین
منبع روان شناسي نظامي - 1390 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:1 -15
چکیده    Introduction: the great and effective works canbe performed through outstanding and powerfulmotivations. existence of various obstacles mightreduce amount of motivation and efforts. in thisstudy, the academic motivations of the students ofamir-al-momenin university complex and itseffective factors have been examined.method: this research utilized qualitative andquantitative methods. in the first step, a sample of271 students were randomly identifieds. in thesecond step, a sample of 50 students wereintentionally selected. the tools were researcher -made questionnaires and semi-structuredinterviews. content validity of the questionnaire isconfirmed by the experts, and its reliability iscalculated through cronbach's alpha kranbakhtest. the reliability was 0.91. moreover, thevalidity and reliability of interviews wereconfirmed by qualitative methods. quantitativedata were analyzed through descriptive andinferential statistics. qualitative data wereanalyzed through qualitative research techniques.results: the most important motivations of thestudents consists of growth and achievement, selfactualization and interest. social motivations andrespect were at the average level whereas careermotivations and fight were lower than average.the relationships between academic motivation,marital status, academic courses, age andbackground were statistically significant. themotivations of students from different facultieswere not meaningful while motivations of b.a.students were higher than the other students.discussion: research findings show that some ofstudents traits, curriculu, subject matters, facultiesteaching methods, quality of relationship,instrucational and noninstrucational facilities, areeffective in students academic motives.
کلیدواژه انگیزه تحصیلی ,انگیزه‌های کمال خواهی ,احترام ,پیشرفت ,علایق و مقابله
آدرس دانشگاه جامع امام حسین (ع), ایران

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