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   مقایسه چگونگی کاربری اینترنت در بین نوجوانان عضو و غیرعضو بسیج  
نویسنده احمدی خدابخش ,عبدالملکی هادی ,شهیاد شیما ,صدقی جلال هما
منبع روان شناسي نظامي - 1390 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:37 -46
چکیده    Introduction: the purpose of the presentresearch was to compare internet use betweenadolescence basij member and non-member.methode: in this correlation research, 4155high school students (boys and girls) werechosen country-wide in a multi-stage clustersampling. data collecting instruments wereinternet addiction and internet usequestionnaires.results: results showed family’s controls werelowest and use of the internet was highestamong basij members. so, the inappropriate useof internet such as chatting, downloading adultvideos and pictures and music were loweramong basij boyes than others. also there wasnegative correlation between quality of internetusing and basij members. this significantcorrelation was in respect of the amount ofchatting, secret downloading and watchingpictures and videos secretly and internetbefriending (p < 0.05). it mean that, duration onbasij membership meaningful reduce the chatand watching the porno videos and pictures.discussion: it can be concluded duration ofbasij members reduces harmful use of internetand only basij members cannot inhibit lossesarising from the use of the internet.
کلیدواژه اینترنت ,اعتیاد ,نوجوان ,بسیج ,دانش‌آموز ,فضاهای مجازی ,چت

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