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   ارتباط سنجی عوامل جمعیت شناختی با میزان واکنش‌های هیجانی دانش آموزان پسر مقطع راهنمایی یکی از شهرک های نظامی شهرتهران  
نویسنده دانشمندی محمد ,حاجی امینی زهرا ,اجلی امین ,عبادی عباس
منبع روان شناسي نظامي - 1390 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:57 -67
چکیده    Introduction: the transition from juvenilestage due to puberty, the most sensitive part andthe most vulnerable segments of society andsome reactions as emotional stress and anxietyand depression and mental health problems fromthis study are also in order to review therelationship between demographic factors andemotional relations in middle school boys in themilitary town of tehran.method: a descriptive study - cross-sectional,all son students to one of the towns publicschools affiliated to tehran total 172 studentswere measured their emotional reactions(depression, anxiety and stress) bydass21questionnaire and then the data usingspss17 software test and were analyzed byparametric statistical tests.results: the results shown that the students had54.5% average stress and 28.7% severe stress,anxiety in 39.5% average and 10.6% have hadsevere anxiety and depression also comments49.3% average and 14.2% showed severedepression. and demographic characteristics ofthe study, only direct contact between olderfather and communication with parents andinterest in the religious with the emotionalreactions of statistically significant inversecorrelation was seen ( p < 0.05)conclusion: considering the prevalence ofdepression, anxiety and stress may trigger thisresponse young age of accountability, is essentialfor the screening and more comprehensivestudies in this field and necessary measures,including strengthening the relationship with thefather or create interest in the field of religiousschools, especially for crisis of puberty periodin middle school should be considered.
کلیدواژه استرس ,اضطراب ,افسردگی ,نوجوانان پسر ,مشخصات جمعیتی

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