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   Thrombocytopenia and Coronavirus: A Prognosis and Progression of the Coronavirus Disease  
نویسنده Ansari Kazem ,Ghemtiri Ehsan ,Hamidipour Shima ,Saberianpour Shirin
منبع Iranian Journal Of Pediatric Hematology And Oncology - 2022 - دوره : 12 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:134 -139
چکیده    Coronavirus pneumonia has been detected in wuhan city since december 2019. today, coronavirus 2019 (covid-19) has become an epidemic worldwide. although this disease is not fully understood, it can show different symptoms over time. one of the components involved in the body by this virus is platelets that communicate directly with several different types of viruses, including the sars-cov virus family, via integrins, p-selectins, and pseudo-receptors. mechanism of action includes the virus's direct effect on bleeding and maturation of megakaryocytes, increased adhesion and activation of platelets, and platelet consumption in abscesses of damaged lung tissue. therefore, covid-19 disease can affect platelet function, which in itself can directly or indirectly affect thrombocytopenia. pathology of bone marrow aspiration from three patients with covid-19 thrombocytopenia indicates abnormal megakaryocyte maturation. in addition, it can be associated with the severity and mortality of the disease. in other words, thrombocytopenia can be used as a prognostic factor in patients with progressive covid- 19, which has been reported in 5 to 40% of covid-19 patients. this study attempts to gather information and recent reports on thrombocytopenia in patients with covid-19.
کلیدواژه Covid-19 ,Platelets ,Thrombocytopenia
آدرس Yazd Stem Cells And Regenerative Medicine Institute, Nano-Biotech Foresight Company, Biotechnology Campus, Iran, Shahid Sadoughi University Of Medical Sciences, Department Of Radiology, Iran, Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences, Iran, Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences, Vascular And Endovascular Surgery Research Center, Iran
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