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   مطالعه‌ عوامل فرهنگی و اجتماعی مرتبط با احساس امنیت اجتماعی زنان  
نویسنده موحد مجید ,همت صغری
منبع زن و جامعه - 1392 - دوره : 4 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:55 -81
چکیده    The Current study aimed at investigating the relationship between cultural and social factors affecting women’s feelings of social security in Shiraz, Fars Province. This research was conducted utilizing quantitative and survey methods via questionnaire. Statistical population, based on Lin table, consisted of 600 women living in Shiraz. Multi-stage random sampling was employed. The data of the study were analyzed through Correlation Coefficient and Factor Analysis. Research findings showed that there was a positive and statistically meaningful relationship between women’s feeling of social security and some variables such as: attitude towards hijab; self-esteem; new mass media; ideological, consequential and experiential religiosity; and cultural-educational, cultural-tourism, and cultural-social capital. The results of Multi-Variance Regression proved that attitude towards hijab, consequential and experiential religiosity, cultural-tourism capital, self-esteem, ideological religiosity, and new mass media variables totally specified changes in women’s feeling of social security in Shiraz by 17%.
کلیدواژه احساس امنیت اجتماعی ,دینداری ,سرمایه فرهنگی
آدرس دانشگاه شیراز, دانشیار بخش جامعه‌شناسی دانشگاه شیراز, ایران, معاونت فرهنگی و اجتماعی شهرداری شیراز, ایران

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