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   Finite Element Modeling of Incremental Bridge Launching and Study on Behavior of the Bridge During Construction Stages  
نویسنده Shojaei A. ,Tajmir Riahi H. ,Hirmand M.
منبع International Journal Of Civil Engineering - 2015 - دوره : 13 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:112 -125
چکیده    Incremental launching is a widespread bridge erection technique which may offer many advantages for bridge designers. since internal forces of deck vary perpetually during construction stages, simulation and modeling of the bridge behavior, for each step of launching, are tedious and time consuming tasks. the problem becomes much more complicated in construction progression. considering other load cases such as support settlements or temperature effects makes the problem more intricate. therefore, modeling of construction stages entails a reliable, simple, economical and fast algorithmic solution. in this paper, a new finite element (fe) model for study on static behavior of bridges during launching is presented. also a simple method is introduced to normalize all quantities in the problem. the new fe model eliminates many limitations of some previous models. to exemplify, the present model is capable to simulate all the stages of launching, yet some conventional models of launching are insufficient for them. the problem roots from the main assumptions considered to develop these models. nevertheless, by using the results of the present fe model, some solutions are presented to improve accuracy of the conventional models for the initial stages. it is shown that first span of the bridge plays a very important role for initial stages; it was eliminated in most researches. also a new simple model is developed named as semi infinite beam model. by using the developed model with a simple optimization approach, some optimal values for launching nose specifications are obtained. the study may be suitable for practical usages and also useful for optimizing the nose-deck system of incrementally launched bridges.
کلیدواژه Incremental Bridge Launching ,Finite Element Method ,Nose – Deck System ,Optimization ,Semi Infinite Beam Model
آدرس Isfahan University Of Technology, ایران, University Of Isfahan, ایران, Sharif University Of Technology, ایران

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