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   International Journal Of Civil Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:17 - شماره:11

  tick  Analysis Of Stakeholder Concerns At Different Times Of Construction Projects Using Social Network Analysis (Sna) - صفحه:1715-1727

  tick  Application Of Falling Weight Deflectometer (Fwd) Data And Energy Ratio (Er) Approach For Cracking Performance Evaluation Of Asphalt Pavements - صفحه:1729-1737

  tick  Comparison Of Cfrp And Gfrp Wraps On Reducing Seismic Damage Of Deficient Reinforced Concrete Structures - صفحه:1667-1681

  tick  Composite Strips With U-Shaped Cfrp Wrap Anchor Systems For Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Beams - صفحه:1799-1811

  tick  Economic Analysis Of Crack Treatment Methods Using Hdm-Iii Modeling - صفحه:1739-1751

  tick  Empirical Study On Pedestrian Signal Design And Compliance In The State Of Qatar - صفحه:1653-1666

  tick  Method For Construction, Maintenance, And Management Of Rigid-Frame Bridges Using H-Shaped Steel Girders - صفحه:1697-1714

  tick  Performance Comparison Of Various Chicane Types: A Driving Simulator Study - صفحه:1753-1765

  tick  Seismic Reliability Analysis Of Rc Frames Rehabilitated By Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers - صفحه:1785-1797

  tick  Seismic Responses Of A Bridge Pier Isolated By High Damping Rubber Bearing: Effect Of Rheology Modeling - صفحه:1767-1783

  tick  Substructure Responses Of A Concrete Bridge With Different Deck-To-Pier Connections - صفحه:1683-1695

  tick  Treatment Of A Distillery Wastewater In A Bipolar-Mode  Electrocoagulation System: Performance Evaluation And Kinetic Analysis - صفحه:1643-1652

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