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   International Journal Of Civil Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:17 - شماره:5

  tick  An Improved Test For Generating Rapid, Accurate, And Reliable Crack Permeability Data For Cementitious Materials - صفحه:645-652

  tick  Discharge Characteristics Analysis Of Queued-Up Vehicles At Signal-Controlled Intersections Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions - صفحه:619-628

  tick  Erratum To: Comparative Numerical Research On The Seismic Behavior Of Rc Frames Using Normal And High-Strength Reinforcement - صفحه:655-655

  tick  Erratum To: Passive Methods For The Fast Seismic Characterization Of Structures: The Case Of Silea Bridge - صفحه:653-653

  tick  Finite Element And Experimental Investigation On The Flexural Response Of Pre-Tensioned T-Girders - صفحه:541-553

  tick  Fire Structural Response Of The Plasco Building: A Preliminary Investigation Report - صفحه:563-580

  tick  Flow Pattern Around Attractive, Vertical, And Repelling T-Shaped Spur Dikes In A Mild Bend Using Cfd Modeling - صفحه:607-617

  tick  Influence Of Abutment Slope Angle Variety On The Deformation And Stress Of The Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam During Initial Impoundment - صفحه:581-595

  tick  New Form Of Equivalent Constitutive Model For Combined Shell Particle Composites And Its Application In Civil Air Defense - صفحه:555-561

  tick  Predicting The Shear Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Non-Linear Fracture Mechanics - صفحه:597-605

  tick  Retracted Article: Assessment Of Pedestrian Refuge Islands On Vehicle Speed Changes And Pedestrian Safety: Case Study In Tehran - صفحه:657-657

  tick  Seismic Evaluation Of Tall Unstiffened Steel Plate Shear Wall (Spsw) Systems With Emphasis On Reversal Phenomenon In The Higher Mode Pushover Curve - صفحه:523-540

  tick  Theoretical And Experimental Study On The Bond–Slip Relationship In Prestressed Cfst Beams - صفحه:629-643

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