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   International Journal Of Civil Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:17 - شماره:6

  tick  Analytical Method For Prediction Of Progressive Deformation Mechanism Of Existing Piles Due To Excavation Beneath A Pile-Supported Building - صفحه:751-763

  tick  Assessment Of Ground Improvement By Vibro-Compaction Method For Liquefiable Deposits From In-Situ Testing Data - صفحه:723-735

  tick  Bearing Capacity And Uneven Settlement Of Consecutively Constructed Adjacent Footings Rested On Saturated Sand Using Model Tests - صفحه:737-749

  tick  Behavior Of Geogrid Reinforced And Unreinforced Non-Connected Pile Raft Foundation - صفحه:709-722

  tick  Construction And Performance Of The Karkheh Dam Complementary Cut-Off Wall: An Innovative Engineering Solution - صفحه:859-869

  tick  Deformation Of Compressible Layers Below Pile Foundations Of A High-Speed Railway - صفحه:881-895

  tick  Effect Of Inherent Anisotropy On The Behavior Of Fine-Grained Cohesive Soils - صفحه:687-697

  tick  Effect Of Sampling Interval On The Scale Of Fluctuation Of Cpt Profiles Representing Random Fields - صفحه:871-880

  tick  Effects Of Wet–Dry Cycle On The Shear Strength Of A Sandstone–Mudstone Particle Mixture - صفحه:921-933

  tick  Experimental Studies On Effect Of Load Repetition On Dynamic Characteristics Of Saturated Ahmedabad Cohesive Soil - صفحه:781-792

  tick  Experimental Study On Unconfined Compressive And Cyclic Behaviors Of Mucky Silty Clay With Different Clay Contents - صفحه:841-857

  tick  Field Investigation Of Maximum Dynamic Shear Modulus Of Clay Deposit Using Seismic Piezocone - صفحه:699-708

  tick  Influence Of Depositional Method On Dynamic Properties Of Granular Soil - صفحه:907-920

  tick  Laboratory Simulation Of Aeration On Municipal Solid Waste From Barmshoor Landfill - صفحه:897-906

  tick  Load Sharing And Carrying Mechanism Of Piles In Non-Connected Pile Rafts Using A Numerical Approach - صفحه:793-808

  tick  Numerical Modelling And Experimental Monitoring Of A Full-Scale Diaphragm Wall - صفحه:659-672

  tick  Physical And Numerical Modeling Of Piled Raft Foundation In Chamkhaleh Sand - صفحه:765-779

  tick  Prediction And Analysis Of Behaviour Of Laterally Loaded Single Piles In Improved Gravel Soil - صفحه:809-822

  tick  The Effect Of Rigidity Of Reinforced Stone Columns On Bearing Capacity Of Strip Footings On The Stabilized Slopes - صفحه:673-685

  tick  Two-Dimensional Dynamic Analysis Of Alluvial Valleys Subjected To Vertically Propagating Incident Sh Waves - صفحه:823-839

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