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   International Journal Of Civil Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:17 - شماره:7

  tick  A Simple Mathematical Method For Optimal Preliminary Design Of Tall Buildings With Peak Lateral Deflection Constraint - صفحه:999-1006

  tick  An Alternative Stochastic User Equilibrium Formulation Based On Regret Theory - صفحه:1107-1113

  tick  An Evaluation Of A Predictive Conceptual Method For Contract Time Determination On Highway Projects Based On Project Types - صفحه:1057-1073

  tick  Effect Of Different Pre-Exposure Loading On Chloride Penetration In Reinforced Concrete Specimens - صفحه:1075-1094

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Analyses Of Single Pedestrian Walking On A Hollow Core Concrete Floor - صفحه:1201-1209

  tick  Experimental Performance Evaluation Of Multi-Storey Steel Plate Shear Walls Designed By Different Methods - صفحه:1145-1154

  tick  Exploring The Sources Of Contractors’ Competitive Advantage On International Hsr Construction Projects - صفحه:1115-1129

  tick  Feasibility Study On Concrete Performance Made By Partial Replacement Of Cement With Nanoglass Powder And Fly Ash - صفحه:1007-1014

  tick  Flexural Performance And Failure Modes Of Nsm Cfrp-Strengthened Concrete Beams: A Parametric Study - صفحه:935-948

  tick  Fracture Modeling Of Concrete In Plain And Reinforced Concrete Members - صفحه:1029-1042

  tick  Influence Of Reactive Mgo Hydration And Cement Content On C&Dw Aggregate Concrete Characteristics - صفحه:1095-1106

  tick  Influence Of Rotating Strong Ground Motions On The Response Of Doubly Symmetrical Rc Wall Structures In Romania And Its Implication On Code Provisions - صفحه:969-979

  tick  Life-Cycle Assessment (Lca) Of Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Case Study Of Tehran, Iran - صفحه:1155-1169

  tick  Numerical Simulation And Failure Analysis Of St. Konstantinos Church, After The Kozani Earthquake - صفحه:949-967

  tick  Performance Assessment Of Shield Tunnel Damaged By Shield Shell Extrusion During Construction - صفحه:1015-1027

  tick  Predicting The Formwork Lateral Pressure Of Self-Consolidating Concrete Based On Experimental Thixotropy Values - صفحه:1131-1144

  tick  Relationship Between Hydrologic And Metrological Droughts Using The Streamflow Drought Indices And Standardized Precipitation Indices In The Dez Watershed Of Iran - صفحه:1171-1181

  tick  Shaking Table Test Of Mid-Rise Concrete Shear Walls With A Single Layer Of Web Reinforcement And Inclined Steel Bars - صفحه:1043-1055

  tick  The Applicability Of Different Earthquake Intensity Measures To The Seismic Vulnerability Of A High-Speed Railway Continuous Bridge - صفحه:981-997

  tick  The Spectra Of Relative Input Energy Per Unit Mass Of Structure For Iranian Earthquakes - صفحه:1183-1199

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