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   International Journal Of Civil Engineering   
سال:2018 - دوره:16 - شماره:10

  tick  A Simplified Approach For Axial Response Of Single Precast Concrete Piles In Cement-Treated Soil - صفحه:1491-1501

  tick  Analysis Of Displacement Response Of The Ermenek Dam Monitored By An Integrated Geodetic And Pendulum System - صفحه:1279-1291

  tick  Analysis Of Negative Skin-Friction On Single Piles By One-Dimensional Consolidation Model Test - صفحه:1445-1461

  tick  Analytical Model For Natural Frequency Of Sdof System Considering Soil–Pile–Structure Interaction - صفحه:1399-1411

  tick  Centrifuge Model Test On Unsaturated Expansive Soil Slopes With Cyclic Wetting–Drying And Inundation At The Slope Toe - صفحه:1341-1360

  tick  Consolidation Behavior Of Structured Clayey Soils: A Case Study On Shiraz Fine Alluvial Strata - صفحه:1435-1444

  tick  Critical Tendon Bond Length For Prestressed Ground Anchors In Pullout Performance Tests Conducted In Sand - صفحه:1329-1340

  tick  Development Of A Risk-Based Methodology For Rock Slope Analysis - صفحه:1317-1328

  tick  Discrete Element Modeling Of Drained Triaxial Test: Flexible And Rigid Lateral Boundaries - صفحه:1463-1474

  tick  Effects Of Landfill Leachate On Mechanical Behaviour Of Adjacent Soil: A Case Study Of Saravan Landfill, Rasht, Iran - صفحه:1503-1513

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of Xcc Pile-Geogrid Foundation For Existing Expressway Under Traffic Load - صفحه:1371-1388

  tick  Field Tests On Influencing Factors Of Negative Skin Friction For Pile Foundations In Collapsible Loess Regions - صفحه:1413-1422

  tick  Numerical And Experimental Study Of The Optimal Location Of Concrete Piles In A Saturated Sandy Slope - صفحه:1293-1301

  tick  Properties Of Drained Shear Strength Of Expansive Soil Considering Low Stresses And Its Influencing Factors - صفحه:1389-1398

  tick  Spt–Cptu Correlations And Liquefaction Evaluation For The Island And Tunnel Project Of The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge - صفحه:1423-1434

  tick  Stability Evaluation Of Un-Braced Cuts - صفحه:1361-1369

  tick  Stiffness Degradation And Damping Ratio Of Sand-Gravel Mixtures Under Saturated State - صفحه:1261-1277

  tick  The Efficiency Of The Ability Of Isolation Piles To Control The Deformation Of Tunnels Adjacent To Excavations - صفحه:1475-1490

  tick  The Influence Of Dynamic Replacement Method On The Adjacent Soil - صفحه:1515-1522

  tick  Thermal Regime Analysis And Protective Measure Evaluation For Wide Embankment In Permafrost Regions Of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau - صفحه:1303-1316

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