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   International Journal Of Civil Engineering   
سال:2018 - دوره:16 - شماره:9

  tick  Comparing The Scour Upstream Of Circular And Square Orifices - صفحه:1145-1156

  tick  Effect Of Peripheral Wall Openings In Basement And Number Of Basement Floors On The Base Level Of Braced Framed Tube System - صفحه:1157-1173

  tick  Effects Of Filler Characteristics On The Performance Of Asphalt Mastic: A Statistical Analysis Of The Laboratory Testing Results - صفحه:1175-1183

  tick  Effects Of Polymeric Coating The Aggregate Surface On Reducing Moisture Sensitivity Of Asphalt Mixtures - صفحه:1097-1107

  tick  Experimental Study Of Reinforced Concrete T-Beams Strengthened With A Composite Of Prestressed Steel Wire Ropes Embedded In Polyurethane Cement (Pswr–Puc) - صفحه:1109-1123

  tick  Influence Of Demolition Waste Fine Particles On The Properties Of Recycled Aggregate Masonry Mortar - صفحه:1213-1226

  tick  Modeling Of Buckled Reinforcing Bars Including Effect Of Lateral Expansion Of Concrete Core - صفحه:1005-1016

  tick  Nonlinear Static And Dynamic Analyses Of Rc Buildings - صفحه:1241-1259

  tick  Numerical Analysis Of Rc Column Failure Due To Blast And Collapse Scenarios For An Irregular Rc-Framed Structure - صفحه:1125-1136

  tick  Numerical Simulations For Structural Response Of Masonry Arch Bridge With Relieving Slab As Upgradation Strategy - صفحه:1029-1044

  tick  Performance Of The High-Strength Self-Stressing And Self-Compacting Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns Subjected To The Uniaxial Compression - صفحه:1069-1083

  tick  Predicting Service Life Of Concrete Structure Exposed To Sulfuric Acid Environment By Grey System Theory - صفحه:1017-1027

  tick  Prediction Of The Bond–Slip Law Between Externally Bonded Concrete Substrates And Cfrp Plates Under Fatigue Loading - صفحه:1085-1096

  tick  Properties Of Plain Concrete Produced Employing Recycled Aggregates And Sea Water - صفحه:993-1003

  tick  Seismic Response Modification Factor Of Rc-Frame Structures Based On Limit State Design - صفحه:1185-1200

  tick  Study On Seismic Damage Model Of Post-Installed Connection Between Steel And Concrete - صفحه:1201-1211

  tick  Technical And Administrative Assessment Of Plasco Building Incident - صفحه:1227-1239

  tick  Transition Probability Matrices For Flexible Pavement Deterioration Models With Half-Year Cycle Time - صفحه:1045-1056

  tick  Unified Construction Of Dynamic Rheological Master Curve Of Asphalts And Asphalt Mixtures - صفحه:1057-1067

  tick  Vortex Dissipation Using A Hydraulic-Based Anti-Vortex Device At Intakes - صفحه:1137-1144

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