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   Ultimate Axial Load and Moment Interaction Diagrams For Prestressed Hpc Thin-Walled Short Columns  
منبع International Journal Of Civil Engineering - 2012 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:264 -273
چکیده    In order to lighten the prestressed concrete solid members, nowadays, it is possible to make use of the advantage of hpc (fc '>60 mpa) as well as replacing the solid section with a psc thin-walled section for certain members such as circular and box columns. using the strength theory of aci, a numerical procedure along with a computer program was developed for the analysis of such sections subjected to axial compression or tension load and bending moments. the program solves for all possible variables such as, concrete compressive strength (fc '= 60-100 mpa), type of prestressed steel, concrete cover, ratio of wall thickness to the section dimensions and the ps steel arrangements to satisfy the given loading cases, thus leading to an optimal cost solution. however, since the cross section is thin-walled circular or box and the ps steel is located at discrete points along the periphery of a circle or rectangle, the equations of equilibrium are complex for hand computations (especially for circular section) but suitable for computer program. so, by use of matlab software the interaction diagrams were also drawn for the analysis of such sections for all mentioned variables. the use of prestressed thin-walled column diagrams is a safe and easy tool for the analysis of such columns. finally, the accuracy of the proposed method is demonstrated by comparing its results to those of the available experimental values and is indicate that the proposed method predict very well the capacity of prestressed thin-walled column.
کلیدواژه Analysis ,Prestressed Hpc ,Thin-Walled Columns ,Interaction Diagrams.

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