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   Majlesi Journal Of Electrical Engineering   
سال:2018 - دوره:12 - شماره:1

  tick  High-Order Sliding Mode Control Of A Bioreactor Model Through Non-Commensurate Fractional Equations - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Robust Optimal Control Of Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot Using Chebyshev Inclusion Method - صفحه:13-21

  tick  Short-Term Scheduling Of Restructured Distribution Networks With Demand Response Using Symbiotic Organism Search (Sos) Algorithm - صفحه:23-30

  tick  Enhancing Low Frequency Oscillations Damping Of A Power System By A Tcsc Controlled With Sliding Mode Method - صفحه:31-37

  tick  A Novel Approach Of Fault Location In Electrical Transmission System Using Smart Meters - صفحه:39-46

  tick  A Novel High Voltage Gain And Low Voltage Stress Dc-Dc Boost Converter For Photovoltaic Applications - صفحه:47-54

  tick  Negative Refraction, Subwavelength Lensing Effect And Total Mirror With A Photonic Crystal Structure - صفحه:55-60

  tick  Performance Optimization Of Broadwell-Y Shaped Transistor Using Artificial Neural Network And Moth-Flame Optimization Technique - صفحه:61-69

  tick  Improvement Of Electronic Correspondence Of Inter-Enterprise With Service Component Of Eces - صفحه:71-77

  tick  Dynamic Voltage Stability Evaluation Of Power Systems Considering Industrial Electrical Loads - صفحه:79-86

  tick  Strengthened Of Aes Encryption Algorithms Within New Logic Topology - صفحه:87-94

  tick  Ultra-High Capacity Dwdm System Using Different Intensity Modulation Formats - صفحه:95-101

  tick  Low Power Delay Product 8-Bit Alu Design Using Decoder And Data Selector - صفحه:103-108

  tick  Estimation Of Re-Hospitalization Risk Of Diabetic Patients Based On Radial Base Function (Rbf) Neural Network Method Combined With Colonial Competition Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:109-116

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