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   Majlesi Journal Of Electrical Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:13 - شماره:2

  tick  Low Size All Optical Xor And Not Logic Gates Based On Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Wind Energy Storage System By Soc Balancing Control For A Stand-Alone Windmill - صفحه:7-13

  tick  Power Reduction Of The Low Offset Dynamic Comparator With Novel Techniques - صفحه:15-20

  tick  Design Of Upfc-Pss Using Firefly Algorithm For Stability Improvement Of Multi Machine System Under Contingency - صفحه:21-39

  tick  A New Design Of A Compact Metamaterial Antenna For Rfid Handheld Applications - صفحه:41-47

  tick  Sharp Roll-Off Ultra Wide Stopband Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter Using Square-Shaped Resonator - صفحه:49-55

  tick  Comparative Analysis Of 12/16 Conventional And Proposed C-Core Radial Flux Srm Topologies For In-Wheel Electric Vehicle Application - صفحه:57-65

  tick  Emotion Extraction From Video Fragments Using Gaze Tracking And Adaboost Classifier - صفحه:67-81

  tick  Novel Load Following Controller Of Microturbine Generation System For Stand-Alone/Grid-Connected Operation - صفحه:83-90

  tick  Impact Of Optimal Dg Placement And Sizing On Power Reliability And Voltage Profile Of Radial Distribution Networks - صفحه:91-102

  tick  Computing Outage Probability For A Mixed Fso-Rf System With Energy Harvesting In Downlink Transformation - صفحه:103-109

  tick  Finite Set Model Predictive Control Of Pwm Ac/Dc Converter With Virtual-Flux Estimation Under Grid Imbalance - صفحه:111-119

  tick  Feasibility Study On Design And Development Of A Hybrid Controller For Ultra-Precision Single-Point Diamond Turning - صفحه:121-128

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