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   Majlesi Journal Of Electrical Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:13 - شماره:1

  tick  Chaos Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Via Sliding Mode Controller - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Analysis And Comparison Of Unconventional Converters For Switched Reluctance Machine Drives - صفحه:7-18

  tick  A Novel Control Strategy For Standalone Wind Energy Conversion System Supplying Power To Isolated Dc Load - صفحه:19-29

  tick  Matlab-Simulink Based Tool Development For Early Stage Design Of Electric Powertrain During Conversion Of Conventional Vehicle Into Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle - صفحه:31-36

  tick  Wine Glass Shaped Microstrip Antenna With Woodpile Structure For Wireless Applications - صفحه:37-44

  tick  Indirect Vector Control Of A Dfig Supplied By A Two-Level Fsvm Inverter For Wind Turbine System - صفحه:45-54

  tick  Epileptic Seizure Detection In Eeg Signal Using Discrete Stationary Wavelet-Based Stockwell Transform - صفحه:55-63

  tick  Predictive Control Based Speed, Torque And Flux Prediction Of A Double Stator Induction Motor - صفحه:65-77

  tick  Adaptive Control Of Depth Of Anesthesia Using A Fractional Order Gradient Based Adaptation Mechanism - صفحه:79-84

  tick  Using Four – Quadrant Chopper With Variable Speed Drive System Dc-Link To Improve The Quality Of Supplied Power For Industrial Facilities - صفحه:85-93

  tick  Sensor Analysis And Selection For Open Space Wsn Security Applications - صفحه:95-108

  tick  Coordinated Bidirectional Power Flow Management With Power Quality Improvement In Ac-Dc Hybrid Micro-Grid Under Unbalanced Scenario - صفحه:109-119

  tick  Performance Improvement Of Data Offloading Using Multi-Rate Ieee 802.11 Wlan - صفحه:121-126

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