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   Hujwiri s Kashf al-Mahjub  
نویسنده Zamani Alavijeh Ali
منبع مطالعات شبه قاره - 1391 - دوره : 4 - شماره : 11 - صفحه:93 -106
چکیده    AbstractThe present paper will acquaint the reader with the life of the well-known character of Sufism, namely, Ali Ibn Usman Hujwiri. The author, having taken a new approach, endeavors to analyze the impression of different teachers and leaders on Hujwiri during his adventurous migration. To illustrate, Abul-Abbas Shaghani, Abu-Ahmad Mozaffar Hamdan, Abul-Ghasem Korrakani, Imam Abul-Ghasem Ghushairi and Sheikh Abul-Fazl Mohammad Ibn Hasan Khottali have effective roles in Hujwiri’s later approaches to life and religion, whose influence will be described subsequently. Furthermore, he surveys the extent to which different sources or references had influenced Hujwiri’s outlook. The reflection of these impacts will be clearly traced in Hujwiri’s masterpiece, Kashf al-Mahjub (Revelation of the Veiled). Resale-ye Ghushairie by Imam Abul-Ghasem Ghushairi, Sharh al-Ta’arrof by Mostamli Bokhari, Al-Loma’ by Abu-Nasr al-Sarraj and Tabaqat al-Sufiyya by Abu-Abd al-Rahman Sulami are some of the mentioned sources which formulated Hujwiri’s thought and vision in one way or another
کلیدواژه Hujwiri ,teachers ,references ,Kashf-ol-Mahjub ,AlLoma ,impressionability
آدرس payame noor university, Assistant Professor of Persian language & literature Dept, ایران
پست الکترونیکی email:zamanialavijeh@ es.isfpnu.ac.ir

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