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   Sewage Water Quality and Its Dilution in the Coastal Waters of South Corniche, Jeddah, Red Sea  
نویسنده Mudarris M.S.A. ,Turki A.J.
منبع Journal Of King Abdulaziz University : Meteorology, Environment And Arid Land Agriculture Sciences - 2006 - دوره : 17 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:115 -128
چکیده    Abstract. the water quality of an outfall discharging domestic andindustrial effluents and their dilution were assessed. the water samplesshow that concentrations of no2-n, no3-n, nh4-n and po4-pwere 3.56, 25.38, 21.30 and 56.85 µmole/l, respectively. the codand bod limits were higher than normal and were 1030 and 325 mg/l, respectively. the mean concentrations of cd, cr, cu, ni, pb and zn(0.58, 49.60, 29.63, 74.05, 6.82 and 89.59 µg/l, respectively) werealso higher than the normal permissible limits. aerobic heterotrophicbacteria, coliform and faecal coliform were 9.3 × 109/ml, 8.3 × 108and 6 × 107/100ml, respectively. the higher number of bacteria couldbe partly due to the relatively large and varied industrial activity fromwhich the sewage was derived and probably as a result of poor managementof the effluents. the water column during february andmarch 2000 was fairly uniform and the average density was 1.0267kg/m3. the currents during this time were in a southeast directionwith a speed of 0.5 m/sec. the dilution factor was evaluated based onthe density of the sewage, the density of the receiving water and theamount and depth of discharge. for a discharge of 2 × 105 m3/day, theminimum dilution of about 100 can be achieved with a diffuser lengthof 200 m in a 30 m depth level.
کلیدواژه Water Quality; Sewage; Red Sea; Jeddah; Pollution
آدرس King Abdulaziz Universiry, Faculty Of Marine Science, Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Universiry, Faculty Of Marine Science, Saudi Arabia

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