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   Basic And Clinical Neuroscience   
سال:2016 - دوره:7 - شماره:3

  tick  Editorial: New Generation Of Psychotherapies Inspired By Cognitive Neuroscience Development: Emergence Of Neurocognitive Therapies - صفحه:179-184

  tick  Letter To Editor: Neuropsychiatric Consequences Of Deep Brain Stimulation In Patients With Chronic Movement Disorders - صفحه:185-186

  tick  Review Paper: A Review On Brain Stimulation Using Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound - صفحه:187-194

  tick  Papaver Rhoeas L. Hydroalcoholic Extract Exacerbates Forced Swimming Test-Induced Depression In Mice - صفحه:195-202

  tick  Age-Related Differences In Neuropathic Pain Behavior And Spinal Microglial Activity After L5 Spinal Nerve Ligation In Male Rats - صفحه:203-212

  tick  Effects Of Dimethyl Sulfoxide On Neuronal Response Characteristics In Deep Layers Of Rat Barrel Cortex - صفحه:213-220

  tick  Neural Correlates Of Craving In Methamphetamine Abuse - صفحه:221-230

  tick  The Role Of C Fibers In Spinal Microglia Induction And Possible Relation With Trpv3 Expression During Chronic Inflammatory Arthritis In Rats - صفحه:231-240

  tick  Morphine-Induced Analgesic Tolerance Effect On Gene Expression Of The Nmda Receptor Subunit 1 In Rat Striatum And Prefrontal Cortex - صفحه:241-248

  tick  5-Ht2a Serotonin Receptor Density In Adult Male Rats’ Hippocampus After Morphine-Based Conditioned Place Preference - صفحه:249-258

  tick  The Effects Of Inflammatory Tooth Pain On Anxiety In Adult Male Rats - صفحه:259-268

  tick  Repetitive Arm Movements During Sleep: A Polysomnographic Assessment - صفحه:269-275

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