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   kaftati and kaftari-related ceramics in southwest iran and the persian gulf  
نویسنده petrie cameron a ,seyedin mojgan ,askari chaverdi alireza
منبع international journal of the society of iranian archaeologists - 2016 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:4 -12
فایل تمام متن
چکیده    the kaftari ceramic assemblage has previously been dated to the late 3rd and early 2nd millennium b.c.e, and is primarilyknown as a result of surveys in the kur river basin and the excavations conducted at the site of tal-e malyan, i.e., the ancient cityof anshan. various excavations have shown that kaftari and kaftari-related ceramic vessels have a wide distribution, including sitesin various parts of fars, the bushire peninsula and throughout the persian gulf. this paper will review the evidence for kaftari andkaftari-related ceramic material in southwest iran and the persian gulf. it will then draw conclusions about the significance that thechronology and distribution of this material has for our understanding of the interaction between southwest iran and the other areas that were involved in the persian gulf trading system that operated in the late 3rd and early 2nd millennium b.c.e.
کلیدواژه kaftari ceramics ,anshan ,persian gulf ,trade
آدرس university of cambridge, iranian centre for archaeological research, shiraz university
پست الکترونیکی alirezaaskari@yahoo.com

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