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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2018 - دوره:7 - شماره:1

  tick  Unequal Gain Of Equal Resources Across Racial Groups - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Health Priorities In Frenchspeaking Swiss Cantons - صفحه:10-14

  tick  Evaluating The Process And Extent Of Institutionalization: A Case Study Of A Rapid Response Unit For Health Policy In Burkina Faso - صفحه:15-26

  tick  Eliminating Healthcare-Associated Infections In Iran: A Qualitative Study To Explore Stakeholders’ Views - صفحه:27-34

  tick  Performance-Based Financing To Strengthen The Health System In Benin: Challenging The Mainstream Approach - صفحه:35-47

  tick  Assessing Patient Organization Participation In Health Policy: A Comparative Study In France And Italy - صفحه:48-58

  tick  Economic Inequality In Presenting Vision In Shahroud, Iran: Two Decomposition Methods - صفحه:59-69

  tick  Recent Iranian Health System Reform: An Operational Perspective To Improve Health Services Quality - صفحه:70-74

  tick  Who Fctc As A Pioneering And Learning Instrument; Comment On “The Legal Strength Of International Health Instruments - What It Brings To Global Health Governance?” - صفحه:75-77

  tick  Polycentrism In Global Health Governance Scholarship; Comment On “Four Challenges That Global Health Networks Face” - صفحه:78-80

  tick  The Bright Elusive Butterfly Of Value In Health Technology Development; Comment On “Providing Value To New Health Technology: The Early Contribution Of Entrepreneurs, Investors, And Regulatory Agencies” - صفحه:81-85

  tick  Priority Setting: Right Answer To A Far Too Narrow Question?; Comment On “Global Developments In Priority Setting In Health” - صفحه:86-88

  tick  All Health Partnerships, Great And Small: Comparing Mandated With Emergent Health Partnerships; Comment On “Evaluating Global Health Partnerships: A Case Study Of A Gavi Hpv Vaccine Application Process In Uganda” - صفحه:89-91

  tick  Personalisation - An Emergent Institutional Logic In Healthcare?; Comment On “(Re) Making The Procrustean Bed? Standardization And Customization As Competing Logics In Healthcare” - صفحه:92-95

  tick  Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes – Early Dialogue, Broad Focus And Relevance: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:96-97

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