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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2017 - دوره:6 - شماره:12

  tick  False Dawns And New Horizons In Patient Safety Research And Practice - صفحه:685-689

  tick  Governing Collaborative Healthcare Improvement: Lessons From An Atlantic Canadian Case - صفحه:691-694

  tick  Does Scale Of Public Hospitals Affect Bargaining Power? Evidence From Japan - صفحه:695-700

  tick  Should Employers Be Permitted Not To Hire Smokers? A Review Of Us Legal Provisions - صفحه:701-706

  tick  How Are New Vaccines Prioritized In Lowincome Countries? A Case Study Of Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine And Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine In Uganda - صفحه:707-720

  tick  New Health Technologies: A Uk Perspective; Comment On “Providing Value To New Health Technology: The Early Contribution Of Entrepreneurs, Investors, And Regulatory Agencies” - صفحه:721-722

  tick  This Is My (Post) Truth, Tell Me Yours; Comment On “The Rise Of Posttruth Populism In Pluralist Liberal Democracies: Challenges For Health Policy” - صفحه:723-725

  tick  Innovative Use Of The Law To Address Complex Global Health Problems; Comment On “The Legal Strength Of International Health Instruments What It Brings To Global Health Governance?” - صفحه:727-728

  tick  Ensuring Hiv Data Availability, Transparency And Integrity In The Mena Region; Comment On “Improving The Quality And Quantity Of Hiv Data In The Middle East And North Africa: Key Challenges And Ways Forward” - صفحه:729-732

  tick  Should Priority Setting Also Be Concerned About Profound Socio-Economic Transformations? A Response To Recent Commentary - صفحه:733-734

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