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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2017 - دوره:6 - شماره:8

  tick  University Of Global Health Equity’S Contribution To The Reduction Of Education And Health Services Rationing - صفحه:427-429

  tick  Governance And Capacity To Manage Resilience Of Health Systems: Towards A New Conceptual Framework - صفحه:431-435

  tick  Collaboration Between Researchers And Knowledge Users In Health Technology Assessment: A Qualitative Exploratory Study - صفحه:437-446

  tick  Clinician Perspectives Of Barriers To Effective Implementation Of A Rapid Response System In An Academic Health Centre: A Focus Group Study - صفحه:447-456

  tick  A Qualitative Assessment Of The Evidence Utilization For Health Policy-Making On The Basis Of Support Tools In A Developing Country - صفحه:457-465

  tick  To What Extent Is Long-Term Care Representative Of Elderly Care? A Case Study Of Elderly Care Financing In Lombardy, Italy - صفحه:467-471

  tick  Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes For Universal Health Coverage: Broadening The Scope; Comment On “Priority Setting For Universal Health Coverage: We Need Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes, Not Just More Evidence On Cost-Effectiveness” - صفحه:473-475

  tick  The Elephants In The Room: Sex, Hiv, And Lgbt Populations In Mena. Intersectionality In Lebanon; Comment On “Improving The Quality And Quantity Of Hiv Data In The Middle East And North Africa: Key Challenges And Ways Forward” - صفحه:477-479

  tick  Global Health In The Anthropocene: Moving Beyond Resilience And Capitalism; Comment On “Health Promotion In An Age Of Normative Equity And Rampant Inequality” - صفحه:481-486

  tick  Global Alcohol Harm Network: Struggling Or Emerging? A Response To Shiffman - صفحه:487-488

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