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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2017 - دوره:6 - شماره:7

  tick  Multisectoral Actions For Health: Challenges And Opportunities In Complex Policy Environments - صفحه:359-363

  tick  Exploring The Functioning Of Decision Space: A Review Of The Available Health Systems Literature - صفحه:365-376

  tick  Evaluating The Implementation And Feasibility Of A Web-Based Tool To Support Timely Identification And Care For The Frail Population In Primary Healthcare Settings - صفحه:377-382

  tick  Cost-Effectiveness Of Rural Incentive Packages For Graduating Medical Students In Lao Pdr - صفحه:383-394

  tick  Impact Of Health Research Systems On Under-5 Mortality Rate: A Trend Analysis - صفحه:395-402

  tick  Understanding Internal Accountability In Nigeria’S Routine Immunization System: Perspectives From Government Officials At The National, State, And Local Levels - صفحه:403-412

  tick  Labonté Identifies Key Issues For Health Promoters In The New World Order Comment On “Health Promotion In An Age Of Normative Equity And Rampant Inequality” - صفحه:413-414

  tick  Forced Migration And Global Responsibility For Health Comment On “Defining And Acting On Global Health: The Case Of Japan And The Refugee Crisis” - صفحه:415-418

  tick  Just Say No To The Tpp: A Democratic Setback For American And Asian Public Health Comment On “The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Is It Everything We Feared For Health?” - صفحه:419-421

  tick  “Not Everything That Is Faced Can Be Changed, But Correspondence: Nothing Can Be Changed Until It Is Faced”: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:423-425

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