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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2017 - دوره:6 - شماره:2

  tick  Improving The Quality And Quantity Of Hiv Data In The Middle East And North Africa: Key Challenges And Ways Forward - صفحه:65-69

  tick  The Development Of Public Policies To Address Noncommunicable Diseases In The Caribbean Country Of Barbados: The Importance Of Problem Framing And Policy Entrepreneurs - صفحه:71-82

  tick  District Health Officer Perceptions Of Pepfar’S Influence On The Health System In Uganda, 2005-2011 - صفحه:83-95

  tick  The Frequency Of Alcohol Use In Iranian Urban Population: The Results Of A National Network Scale Up Survey - صفحه:97-102

  tick  Mitigating Evidentiary Bias In Planning And Policy-Making; Comment On “Reflective Practice: How The World Bank Explored Its Own Biases?” - صفحه:103-105

  tick  Policy Choices For Progressive Realization Of Universal Health Coverage; Comment On “Ethical Perspective: Five Unacceptable Trade-Offs On The Path To Universal Health Coverage” - صفحه:107-110

  tick  Defining Sub-Saharan Africa’S Health Workforce Needs: Going Forwards Quickly Into The Past; Comment On “Nonphysician Clinicians In Sub-Saharan Africa And The Evolving Role Of Physicians” - صفحه:111-113

  tick  The Need For Global Application Of The Accountability For Reasonableness Approach To Support Sustainable Outcomes; Comment On “Expanded Hta: Enhancing Fairness And Legitimacy” - صفحه:115-118

  tick  Non-Physician Clinicians – A Gain For Physicians’ Working In Subsaharan Africa; Comment On “Nonphysician Clinicians In Subsaharan Africa And The Evolving Role Of Physicians” - صفحه:119-121

  tick  Coordinating Between Medical Professions’ Tasks To Optimize Subsaharan Health Systems: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:123-125

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