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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2016 - دوره:5 - شماره:12

  tick  Health Promotion In An Age Of Normative Equity And Rampant Inequality - صفحه:675-682

  tick  The Legal Strength Of International Health Instruments- What It Brings To Global Health Governance? - صفحه:683-685

  tick  Cost-Sharing Rates Increase During Deep Recession: Preliminary Data From Greece - صفحه:687-692

  tick  Determinants Of Healthcare Utilisation And Out-Of-Pocket Payments In The Context Of Free Public Primary Healthcare In Zambia - صفحه:693-703

  tick  Analysing The Stewardship Function In Botswana’S Health System: Reflecting On The Past, Looking To The Future - صفحه:705-713

  tick  Outcomes And Impact Of Training And Development In Health Management And Leadership In Relation To Competence In Role: A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review Protocol - صفحه:715-720

  tick  New Provider Models For Sweden And Spain: Public, Private Or Non-Profit?; Comment On “Governance, Government, And The Search For New Provider Models” - صفحه:721-723

  tick  Is The Role Of Physicians Really Evolving Due To Non-Physician Clinicians Predominance In Staff Makeup In Sub-Saharan African Health Systems?Comment On “Non-Physician Clinicians In Sub-Saharan Africa And The Evolving Role Of Physicians” - صفحه:725-727

  tick  Decentralisation – A Portmanteau Concept That Promises Much But Fails To Deliver?; Comment On “Decentralisation Of Health Services In Fiji: A Decision Space Analysis” - صفحه:729-732

  tick  Provider Governance; A Basic Blackbox Seldom Looked At Properly: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:733-734

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