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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2016 - دوره:5 - شماره:10

  tick  Diabetes Dictating Policy: An Editorial Commemorating World Health Day 2016 - صفحه:571-573

  tick  Health Departments’ Engagement In Emergency Preparedness Activities: The Influence Of Health Informatics Capacity - صفحه:575-582

  tick  Planning And Budgeting For Nutrition Programs In Tanzania: Lessons Learned From The National Vitamin A Supplementation Program - صفحه:583-588

  tick  National Health Service Principles As Experienced By Vulnerable London Migrants In “Austerity Britain”: A Qualitative Study Of Rights, Entitlements, And Civil-Society Advocacy - صفحه:589-597

  tick  Politics, Power, Poverty And Global Health: Systems And Frames - صفحه:599-604

  tick  The Evolving Role Of Physicians - Don’T Forget The Generalist Primary Care Providers - صفحه:605-606

  tick  Decentralisation, Decision Space And Directions For Future Research; Comment On “Decentralisation Of Health Services In Fiji: A Decision Space Analysis” - صفحه:607-608

  tick  Implementing Health In All Policies – Time And Ideas Matter Too!; Comment On “Understanding The Role Of Public Administration In Implementing Action On The Social Determinants Of Health And Health Inequities” - صفحه:609-610

  tick  Looking Beyond Fda Warning Letters To Explore Unforeseen Trouble Spots In Edtca: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:611-612

  tick  Without Explicit Targets, Does France Meet Minimum Volume Thresholds For Hip And Knee Replacement And Bariatric Surgeries? - صفحه:613-614

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