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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2016 - دوره:5 - شماره:8

  tick  Editorial: Legalizing And Regulating Marijuana In Canada: Review Of Potential Economic, Social, And Health Impacts - صفحه:453-456

  tick  Defining And Acting On Global Health: The Case Of Japan And The Refugee Crisis - صفحه:457-460

  tick  Assessing Patient Participation In Health Policy Decision-Making In Cyprus - صفحه:461-466

  tick  Motivation And Retention Of Physicians In Primary Healthcare Facilities: A Qualitative Study From Abbottabad, Pakistan - صفحه:467-475

  tick  Developing Leadership In Managers To Facilitate The Implementation Of National Guideline Recommendations: A Process Evaluation Of Feasibility And Usefulness - صفحه:477-486

  tick  The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Is It Everything We Feared For Health? - صفحه:487-496

  tick  Priority Setting Meets Multiple Streams: A Match To Be Further Examined?; Comment On “Introducing New Priority Setting And Resource Allocation Processes In A Canadian Healthcare Organization: A Case Study Analysis Informed By Multiple Streams Theory” - صفحه:497-499

  tick  Hta – Algorithm Or Process?; Comment On “Expanded Hta: Enhancing Fairness And Legitimacy” - صفحه:501-505

  tick  Governance In Health – The Need For Exchange And Evidence; Comment On “Governance, Government, And The Search For New Provider Models” - صفحه:507-510

  tick  Risks And Opportunities Of Reforms Putting Primary Care In The Driver’S Seat; Comment On “Governance, Government, And The Search For New Provider Models” - صفحه:511-513

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