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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2015 - دوره:4 - شماره:11

  tick  Ethical Perspective: Five Unacceptable Trade-Offs On The Path To Universal Health Coverage - صفحه:711-714

  tick  A Global Social Support System: What The International Community Could Learn From The United States’ National Basketball Association’S Scheme For Redistribution Of New Talent - صفحه:715-718

  tick  Setting Healthcare Priorities At The Macro And Meso Levels: A Framework For Evaluation - صفحه:719-732

  tick  Comparison Of Blood Transfusion Plus Chelation Therapy And Bone Marrow Transplantation In Patients With B-Thalassemia: Application Of Sf-36, Eq-5d, And Visual Analogue Scale Measures - صفحه:733-740

  tick  Shaping The Health Policy Agenda: The Case Of Safe Motherhood Policy In Vietnam - صفحه:741-746

  tick  Health Literacy Impact On National Healthcare Utilization And Expenditure - صفحه:747-755

  tick  Need For Optimisation Of Immunisation Strategies Targeting Invasive Meningococcal Disease In The Netherlands - صفحه:757-761

  tick  Adaptive Policies For Reducing Inequalities In The Social Determinants Of Health - صفحه:763-767

  tick  Is It Possible To Develop A Compassionate Organization?; Comment On “Why And How Is Compassion Necessary To Provide Good Quality Healthcare?” - صفحه:769-770

  tick  Why And How Is Compassion Necessary To Provide Good Healthcare? Comments From An Academic Physician; Comment On “Why And How Is Compassion Necessary To Provide Good Quality Healthcare” - صفحه:771-772

  tick  Training For Better Management: Avante Zambézia, Pepfar And Improving The Quality Of Administrative Services; Comment On “Implementation Of A Health Management Mentoring Program: Year-1 Evaluation Of - صفحه:773-775

  tick  Management Certainly Matters, And There Are Multiple Ways To Conceptualize The Process; Comment On “Management Matters: A Leverage Point For Health Systems Strengthening In Global Health” - صفحه:777-780

  tick  The Health Mobility Is All True Mobility?; Comment On “Regional Incentives And Patient Cross-Border Mobility: Evidence From The Italian Experience” - صفحه:781-782

  tick  Can A Healthcare “Lean Sweep” Deliver On What Matters To Patients?; Comment On “Improving Wait Times To Care For Individuals With Multimorbidities And Complex Conditions Using Value Stream Mapping” - صفحه:783-785

  tick  It Is Not That Simple Nor Compelling!; Comment On “Translating Evidence Into Healthcare Policy And Practice: Single Versus Multi-Faceted Implementation Strategies – Is There A Simple Answer To A Compl - صفحه:787-788

  tick  Achieving A “Grand Convergence” In Global Health By 2035: Rwanda Shows The Way; Comment On “Improving The World’S Health Through The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Perspectives From Rwanda” - صفحه:789-791

  tick  Health Management Mentoring For Health Systems Strengthening: A Response To Recent Commentaries - صفحه:793-794

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