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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2015 - دوره:4 - شماره:4

  tick  Why And How Is Compassion Necessary To Provide Good Quality Healthcare? - صفحه:199-201

  tick  Improving The World’S Health Through The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Perspectives From Rwanda - صفحه:203-205

  tick  The Experience Of Implementing The Board Of Trustees’ Policy In Teaching Hospitals In Iran: An Example Of Health System Decentralization - صفحه:207-216

  tick  Patients Attitude Towards Surgeons Attire In Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda - صفحه:217-220

  tick  Exploring Cigarette Use Among Male Migrant Workers In Nigeria - صفحه:221-227

  tick  Knowledge And Attitude Toward Smoke-Free Legislation And Second-Hand Smoking Exposure Among Workers In Indoor Bars, Beer Parlors And Discotheques In Osun State Of Nigeria - صفحه:229-234

  tick  Substitutes Or Complements? Diagnosis And Treatment With Non-Conventional And Conventional Medicine - صفحه:235-242

  tick  Medical Sociology As A Heuristic Instrument For Medical Tourism And Cross-Border Healthcare; Comment On “International Patients On Operation Vacation – Perspectives Of Patients Travelling To Hungary F - صفحه:243-244

  tick  Time To Shift From Systems Thinking-Talking To Systems Thinking-Action; Comment On “Constraints To Applying Systems Thinking Concepts In Health Systems: A Regional Perspective From Surveying Stakehold - صفحه:245-247

  tick  Whither Mental Health Policy-Where Does It Come From And Does It Go Anywhere Useful?; Comment On “Cross-National Diffusion Of Mental Health Policy” - صفحه:249-251

  tick  The Changing National Health Service: Market-Based Reform And Morality; Comment On “Morality And Markets In The Nhs” - صفحه:253-255

  tick  Revealing Power In Truth; Comment On “Knowledge, Moral Claims And The Exercise Of Power In Global Health” - صفحه:257-259

  tick  Going Beyond The Hero In Leadership Development: The Place Of Healthcare Context, Complexity And Relationships; Comment On “Leadership And Leadership Development In Healthcare Settings – A Simplistic - صفحه:261-263

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