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   International Journal Of Health Policy And Management   
سال:2014 - دوره:3 - شماره:6

  tick  Knowledge, Moral Claims And The Exercise Of Power In Global Health - صفحه:297-299

  tick  Nurses Exposure To Workplace Violence In A Large Teaching Hospital In Iran - صفحه:301-305

  tick  Economic Inequality In Eye Care Utilization And Its Determinants: A Blinder–Oaxaca Decomposition - صفحه:307-313

  tick  An Audit Of The Knowledge And Attitudes Of Doctors Towards Surgical Informed Consent (Sic) - صفحه:315-321

  tick  Use Of Cost-Effectiveness Data In Priority Setting Decisions: Experiences From The National Guidelines For Heart Diseases In Sweden - صفحه:323-332

  tick  International Patients On Operation Vacation – Perspectives Of Patients Travelling To Hungary For Orthopaedic Treatments - صفحه:333-340

  tick  Exploring The Relationship Between Accreditation And Patient Satisfaction – The Case Of Selected Lebanese Hospitals - صفحه:341-346

  tick  Resource Based View: A Promising New Theory For Healthcare Organizations Comment On “Resource Based View Of The Firm As A Theoretical Lens On The Organisational Consequences Of Quality Improvement” - صفحه:347-348

  tick  Radically Questioning The Principle Of The Least Restrictive Alternative: A Reply To Nir Eyal Comment On “Nudging By Shaming, Shaming By Nudging” - صفحه:349-350

  tick  Nudging, Shaming And Stigmatising To Improve Population Health Comment On “Nudging By Shaming, Shaming By Nudging” - صفحه:351-353

  tick  Public Participation: Methods Matter; A Response To Boaz Et Al. - صفحه:355-355

  tick  Essential Medicines For Children: An Endocrine Perspective - صفحه:357-357

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